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Transforming the Addicted Brain…:)

We know that thing that we continue to do even though it is causing us discomfort, ill-health and sometimes severe adverse consequences. Ugh…hello Addiction. Whether it’s the mouse or elephant in the room… addiction can rock our health and often times…our world! It can seem as innocuous as eating a few Cheetos (bet you can’t eat just one…thanks MSG) or shooting heroin in a bathroom…What are we addicted to? Why are we addicted? and How can we stop?

What are we addicted to? sugar, pot, exercise, chocolate, computer games, alcohol, drama, heroin, porn, MSG, aspartame, Valium, meth etc……You know what it is and if its out of balance, if you can’t be without it and you dream about it!

Why are we addicted? chemical imbalance is the big one…we are always seeking balance! So when we are out of balance (particularly our brains) we will surely try to find some type of remedy!! But also add to that malnutrition, allergies, toxicity, genetics, food additives, social pressures, stress, trauma, abuse, spiritual connection, these are all factors contributing to addiction!

How can we stop? just say “NO” hah! The first line of action is correcting the physical & chemical imbalances, addiction is physical!! I am not talking about drug replacement here either, ever try to get off Xanax or how about Effexor? No I am talking about nutrition and amino acid therapy. As Dr. Carl C. Pfeiffer so beautifully said “anything a drug can do there is a nutrient to do the same thing” so let’s do it! Correct the physical imbalances then the therapy, AA, energy healing and other methods will work more effectively. This is holistic sustainable recovery…addressing the body, mind and spirit. But without correcting the body and chemical imbalance, chances of a happy and healthy recovery are slim even as we “work the program”.

I know this because I have lived this and it was the missing link for me in my own healing recovery journey! I have seen the miracles in my own life, for many of my clients and countless others. This is not magic, this is biochemical science that also…heals the soul. May you find hope for yourself or loved ones in this most powerful work…this is transforming the addicted brain! Namaste’ Pati

The Holistic Gourmet & High Vibe Recovery “Bringing Health and Recovery to the Planet One Plate at a Time” pati@patireiss…

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