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Food is medicine…Food is health…Food is pleasure…Food is love! I believe we all really want to be healthy, happy and free. Yet our food can be one of the biggest reason why we cannot find these qualities in our life. Food effects everything…your mood, health, sleep, aging, addiction, physical & mental health and so on. So why then do so many find it so difficult to eat better? Because it’s confusing out there!  We will help take the confusion out and find out what food work best for you, a personalized nutrition food plan,  for you and your family!

Let’s get in the kitchen and COOK…then EAT!

The Power of Feeding the Body, Mind, and Spirit




HEALTH & LIFE  Coaching can include: personalized nutrition food plan for you and the family/groups, meal/menu planning, biochemistry brain rebalancing with amino acid & nutrient therapy, holistic health & recovery daily lifestyle plan, emotional eating/cravings, creative cooking and recipes, detox and vibrant health tips, qi-gong energy work, meditation, breathing & relaxation techniques.

Learn the steps to put you on the right food, health and balanced track.  Learn about the food~mood connection and simple cooking and kitchen tips to make eating easier and, yes, more pleasurable

Shopping, seeting up sacred space in your kitchen, bedroom, home and office.


Be coached and learn the trade simultaneously. This amazing program is designed for you and can include the following: personalized nutrition plan ( blood type, Ayurveda, metabolic type, eating for the chakras), brain chemistry re-balancing with amino acid therapy & food, meditation & breath-work, cooking & menu planning.    



and Live the Quality of Life You're Capable of!

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