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   High Vibe Recovery

Recovery from any illness involves the body, mind, and spirit. Total recovery includes all three of these aspects which make up who we are. As Dr. Joseph Beasley said, "Like a 3 legged stool recovery cannot stay upright and balacned unless all 3 legs are equally strong." In many recovering people the body aspect of recovery is damaged, weak, and many times missing altogether. Instead of enjoying a happy balanced sobriety many are on the brink of relapse, battling mood swings, cravings, fatigue, and sickness.


The good news is that you or a loved one can feel whole, happy, healthy, and sober. The nutritional link to sobriety is powerful and transforming! The power is yours. The choice is yours. Hope is available.

"The outer situation is always a refection of the collective inner situation." 

                                              ~ David Wolfe

Recovery Health Coaching Programs

These Customized programs are designed to assess your individual nutritional needs and deficiencies and brain chemical imbalances. I then help you explore foods and supplements that help balance these key components of your recovery including amino acid therapy for cravings, anxiety, depression and sleep. Also included is recovery food planning, meditation, healing breath exercises, balanced lifestyle upgrades, stress management techniques, program  handouts and suggested reading materials. To Learn More, Please Contact Me using the Button Below. 


In~House Recovery Retreat Program         

 Take a break from the world...immerse yourself in a relaxed lifestyle wellness retreat. This is an in-house personalized program to heal and recover from substance use or other stress/health related  imbalances. This will include daily personalized high vibe meals, amino acid & nutrient therapy, health recovery coaching, shamanic energy healing sessions, daily meditation and qi-gong practice and all of the above coaching offerings.

In~house stays can include 2 week, 4 week and 6 week stays.

         Plate Up 4 Recovery Class 

                Feed Your Brain...Change Your Life!

   This Online 5 Class Wellness Course will Transform your                                      Life and Recovery! 

      Cooking ~ Eating ~ Meal Planning ~ Self-Care ~ Meditation      Recovery Lifestyle ~ Vibrant Health ~ Sustained Recovery 

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