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Recovery from any illness involves the body, mind, and spirit. Total recovery includes all three of these aspects which make up who we are. As Dr. Joseph Beasley said, "Like a 3 legged stool recovery cannot stay upright and balacned unless all 3 legs are equally strong." In many recovering people the body aspect of recovery is damaged, weak, and many times missing altogether. Instead of enjoying a happy balanced sobriety many are on the brink of relapse, battling mood swings, cravings, fatigue, and sickness.


The good news is that you or a loved one can feel whole, happy, healthy, and sober. The nutritional link to sobriety is powerful and transforming! The power is yours. The choice is yours. Hope is available.

"The outer situation is always a refection of the collective inner situation." 

                                              ~ David Wolfe

Recovery Health Coaching Programs

These Customized programs are designed to assess your individual nutritional needs and deficiencies and brain chemical imbalances. I then help you explore foods and supplements that help balance these key components of your recovery. Also included is recovery food planning, meditation, healing breath exercises, balanced lifestyle upgrades, stress management techniques, program  handouts and suggested reading materials. To Learn More, Please Contact Me using the Button Below. 

         *Basic Program 12 Sessions
         *Enhanced Program 16 Sessions
         *Power Programs 20 Sessions

 I offer a free 15-12 Intro call to see if we are good fit and make sure you get what you are looking

  for!   Pricing will then be sent directly to you.

and get your life back on track!

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