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Nourishment of the Soul

I woke early today...I often do. I like to go to bed early as suits me, its suits my soul. I had dream last night of a world where peace and clean food were abundant. What a dream! Is that so far off? Id like to think not. However, I did have a colleague share with me recently that it is harder to change someones food than to change their religion. Really ? WOW...Ok so maybe this food work I am here to do is more challenging than I expected...but I'm still in!!

Can we talk food and and science. Food feeds our brain yes yes, our cells yes yes, our blood yes yes etc....its science...crazy more don't get that?? Lets get science nutrition into the school system!!

Back to the food, spirit and the soul . Food is a matter of spiritual importance! Without proper nourishment, which heals the body, illuminates and informs the mind and the soul, we undermine a healthy relationship between spirit, the mind and the body.

Our sacred companions our body, mind and soul cannot fulfill their part of their divine destiny if they are not properly nourished, Yes of course there is the vital importance of our relationships with each and our earth. As we venture into another New Year may we reach deep into our souls and nourish our sacred bodies and beautiful brains!!

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