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I'm in LOVE with YOU, ME and LIFE!

I had to write today...its been so long! How are you??

I had to heart and life feel so BLESSED!! I also want to share the biggest key to this is.....SELF LOVE...I would also add.. SE:LF CARE! When we self care we can go deeper into connecting with our higher self/soul...which helps us stay well and knows what we need. it is a co-creation process...thought then feeling then action...working together as one.

I'M in love with long it took me to get there.....ah yes...but at last I landed,,,,in my self love self care pool!!!

I'm in love with you! I know deep down you will find this key my dear is a place that needs your attention. When you do arrive a vibration is emitted and wellness seems to surround you. It does not mean you wont get sick again ( although a lot less as I can attest to) it won't mean you wont be loss of loved one, job etc....but what it does mean is that a you deeply love and honor you and your sacred BODY feel love more and more and more!!

I'm in love with LIFE!! I have been part of a daily global mediation call for the last 9 months. It started out as a few gathering to meditate and pray for peace and change on the earth.....and now there are almost one and half million of us on the call daily. Calling in to be part of this shift. Now that makes me love LIFE!!!! It gives me hope for a new humanity. A humanity that cares for its people, food, environment and planet! The change is evident to me and as I care for me, love me, love spreads out like the ripples in a lake after stone is dropped...spreading out further and further. I am in love.

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