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What Can Fall Away? What Stays! Habits~Rituals~Patterns

I've always loved the seasons. Change is in the air! As humans...change can often be a bit exciting and many times down right scary! Why? Well it seems we love habits, rituals, patterns and familiarity. I do for sure. But I also know that we need to change it up as well with a few life rituals/habits...our food, our exercise, our healing, our addictions (ah), our play! So I'd like to share, from my perspective of course, the pros and cons to habits, rituals and patterns. I am using these 3 words interchangeably with maybe some slight variations....and I am even going to throw in the word addiction just to change it up a bit...hah! What are the results you are looking for.... with your habits/ rituals? Are you happy with them? Is your life more enhanced healthier? Or is it more drained stressed because of them? Is this not the bigger question here. We do have patterns and rituals that that can support our well being or damage it. Some of these are conscious some of these are unconscious ...and often coming from the subconscious control repeat panel...oh my! Is this not so for may of us my friends? So check in time. What do you want to change? What are you addicted to and really need to jump start your health, your brain, your joy and overall well being ?? I invite you to really listen in to your soul...your body...your heart. What is it saying to you...nudging you to take a look at and change? What are you ready to let fall away and what to you want to keep...let stay...that is feeding your soul and health. What are you ready to heal and change. Are you open to change? On a personal note now... My Habits/Rituals to Fall Away: I know for me I am ready to put down my need to know try and figure out outcomes, overeating (yes it is healthy and clean food much!), creating stories when I really don't know (oh outcomes again), kombucha fizzy healthy fermented drinks...way to many (I'm fermenting) and...I'm sure more will come to me as I look deeper into my own personal wellness...Fall Letting Go Inventory! My Habits/Rituals to Stay: Oil swishing every morning, lemon water right after oil swishing, my meditation spiritual practice daily mostly in the morning, food planning and sacred eating, sleep schedule, connection with nature, spontaneous dancing and singing (i guess that's not a regular pattern if it's spontaneous but I wanted to share it) Loving myself and my life! Best in health and heart ~ Pati

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