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Soul Food for Recovery

Soul Food for Recovery

Food is Sacred. Food is Love. Food is Vital for Recovery.

In these amazing is necessary to feed and regenerate our cells. To recover fully from any imbalances...we need good soul food on our journey.

In recovery from substance use...a spiritual connection is an important ingredient to a sober and well life. Aligning with your soul, higher self, inner being is vital as we journey into faith that we can live a life without a substance, drug or drink behind the wheel of our life car!

However, often our faith and ability to turn things over to a power greater than ourselves is short circuited by our unfed, anxious...depressed brain.

Oh yes we can have the best of intentions, recovery treatments...even fabulous trauma therapy...but often without a well-fed brain we can get derailed off our hopeful recovery road.

So feeding your brain a clean, personalized 5 star recovery food plan allows for the therapy, soul alignment and other healing therapies to work their magic. When we sit in reverence & gratitude for our food and those who have helped us on our journey...we lift our frequency to a higher state of well-being, health, and sober joy.


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