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Gone to Soon....

I was driving when I got the news. She was 37, left a 9 year old and a 2 year old, husband and loving family. She suffered with anxiety postpartum depression...vial enough to taker her life!

My heart goes out whenever I hear about a suicide. It goes out because I know what that feels like. I was suicidal over 13 years ago. The best way to describe it was like living with constant terror! I too, have 2 amazing beautiful children and a loving family YET...I wanted to leave. That was pure despair!

What I know now is that my brain and many who suffer with severe depression most times have a bio-chemical imbalance that will and can in this case, override the deepest of love. Nutrition and amino acid therapy saved my life!!

There is no bringing her back...many lives changed in the wake of her despair. But what I do know is I will write. I will share with others about looking at all aspects of suicide and most of all the bio-chemical link that therapy, although extremely important, alone, may not save a life!

~ Pati Reiss May 2018

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