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Passing On...Holding Space

I got the call from my bother Chuck around 6 pm on January 2nd. I was sitting at my kitchen table just about to eat a power egg salad sandwich with a friend.

My brother said my nephew Sean had been in a ski accident....and that there was word he had passed. I screamed and fell to the floor. The shock was startling. I continued to wail and roll on the floor.

My friend J just held space for me as the shock waves of this tragic news hit all points in my body!! So glad he was there.

I could not eat. J reminded me to breathe. We walked to my sisters tree in the cemetery close by where i buried some of her hair...she passed in June. I hugged the tree felt some relief.

Now we all continue on without Sean physically but still with us spiritually. This has been a quest of mine...having an understanding and faith in the after life...the spirit body. So many I know and love have passed on these last few years...and we all all be going at some point some slowly like my sweet sister with cancer and some quickly like sweet Sean.

I share this because what i have seen in all this loss is greater a connection among family, a greater understanding of how precious life is, a greater intimacy with spirit. The unbearable pain we feel is being supported by holding space fro each other, making healing soups, reading and playing with his children, holding each other till the pain subsides a bit.

May we all continue to hold space for each other as our loved one pass on....may we all see the beauty in the life around us and live life as fully as we Sean did.

May we all love and grief together.

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