Holistic Cooking & Brain Nutrition Classes 2021
Feed Your Brain...Change Your Life!
                         Plate Up...A 5 Class Online Coaching Course                                    Cooking, Eating, Self-Care, Meditation & Vibrant Health
See You in The Kitchen!
              Class 1 The 5 Star Personalized Food Plate....RADICAL SELF CARE... Making Time                                          Improve your immune system, digestion, energy & mental health
      Stepping into your cooking and self care journey.
Coaching Class Thursday March 4th PM MST
Cooking Class Saturday March 13th 11:00 ~ 12:00 MST 
  Class 2  Breakfast Plate &  Recipes...your morning ritual...
Set your day in the flow
Coaching Class Thursday March18th 5:30 MST
Cooking Class Saturday March 27th 11:00 ~ 12:00 MST 
              Class 3  Lunch Plate & Recipes...your afternoon ritual 
                 Keep your energy in balance. 
       Coaching Class Thursday April 1st 5:30 MST
            Cooking Class Saturday April10th 11:00 ~ 1200 MST 
           Class 4   Dinner Plate & Recipes...your evening ritual 
                  Winding down & restorative SLEEP
        Coaching Class Thursday 15th 5:30 MST
                  Cooking Class Saturday April 24th11:00 ~ 12:00 MST 
             Class 5 Dessert & My Life Plate...Putting it All Together; cooking, shopping,                        meal planning, work, family, exercise, spiritual mediation practice...FUN!
Coaching Class Thursday April 29th 5:30 MST
Cooking Class Saturday May 1st 11~12:00 MST  
Last class with a Big Bang of Health Nuggets!!!
We meet every other week. 
Take a retreat into a self-care journey and feeding your best self!
Full Course Price Includes;
* 5 live and recorded video coaching classes including power points
* Each class has a meditation and relaxing breath exercise
* Recipes and Nutrition Lifestyle handouts for each class
All classes are RECORDED if you can't make the LIVE Class
Class Fees....Prices will be reduced for those in financial need during these times!
  Total  Course Price = $ 333.00 Reduce Sliding Scale Rate =$255
Single Plate Up or Cooking Class Price $88- $44  sliding scale
Payment Options 
                                            Venmo Terry Tischmak@Terry-Tischmak                                                     
Once you pay a MENU & zoom link will be sent to your email
 Master Classes In Nutrition for
Mental Health & Addiction 
Balance Your Neurotransmitters with FOOD & Amino Acid Therapy 
Class 1 Serotonin...The Joy & Sleep Lift...TBA
Class 2 Dopamine...The Energy & Focus Lift...TBA
Class 3 Gaba...The Relaxer & Chill Lift...TBA
Class 4 Endorphins...The Pleasure & Pain Relief Lift...TBA
Class 5 Blood Sugar...Balance The Ups & Downs...TBA
All classes are RECORDED if you can't make the LIVE Class
Blessings and Happy Eats, Pati & Terry