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         Spring Plate Up Class

                Feed Your Brain...Balance Your Life!

This Online Wellness Course can transform your life!

Cooking, Eating, Self-Care, Meditation & Vibrant Health

                  Class 1 The 5 Star Pro-Recovery Diet                                         Making Time to Eat and Self-Care

                        Your Personalized Food Plan
    Wellness Coaching Class Weds April 12th 5:30 pm MT

           Class 2 Breakfast Plate...Meals & Recipes

   Your Morning Ritual...Set your day in a healthy flow
     Wellness Coaching Class Weds April 26th 5:30 MT

                 Class 3 Lunch Plate...Meals & Recipes

                         Your Afternoon Ritual 
                   Keep your Energy in Balance. 
       Wellness Coaching Class Weds May 10th 5:30 MT
                  Class 4 Dinner Plate...Meals & Recipes

                           Your Evening Recovery
                  Ritual...Winding down & Restorative SLEEP

         Wellness Coaching Class Weds May 24th 5:30 MT

                            Class 5 Dessert & My Life Plate

    Putting it All Together; cooking, shopping, meal planning, work, family, exercise, spiritual mediation practice...FUN!
      Wellness Coaching Class Weds June 7th 5:30 MST
      Last class...a Big Bang of Health Recovery Nuggets!!!

Take a retreat into a self-care recovery journey and feed your brain   and best self!

Full Course Price Includes;
* 5 live and recorded video teaching & coaching classes          
* Each class has a meditation and relaxing breath exercise
* Meal Plans, Recipes and Recovery Nutrition Lifestyle handouts for each class                                                                            

  * Cooking, shopping & kitchen set up tips and resources

All classes are RECORDED if you can't make the LIVE Class

For more info Contact:  

Total Course Price = $ 333.00

Happy Eating...Happy Recovery, Pati Reiss                       

Certified Recovery Nutrition Coach, Certified Holistic Health Coach, Wellness Chef, Food~Lifestyle & Nutrition Educator

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