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The Pro-Recovery Diet

Food feeds our brains, nervous systems, hormones, bones and

much more, so we are basically...walking food. A vital key to full

recovery is the food, and not just any food, but pro-recovery food, also

known as...healthy life enhancing food.

The 3 key components of this food plan are high quality proteins, fats

and complex carbohydrates. Let’s break this down a bit more and add

some fun food facts.

Number 1 is Protein. Protein is vital! It is the building blocks for

amino acids, bones, tissue, nerves, blood, skin and organs.

sure that is on your plate!

Number 2 is Fat. Good fats are crucial! They are the cell coat for

every single see in our bodies and brains. Good fats help in the

production of all our hormones, prevent carbo cravings, produces a

nice long energy ride, help support a healthy libido, helps keeps our

skin glowing, our bowels regular and is 60% of our brain! So make

sure to have those delicious high quality fats on you plate as well.

Number 3 Complex Carbohydrates...mostly veggies! So this group

supports our energy with key nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which

are necessary for the protein and fats to do their job. Like the music

that comes from a full orchestra we need all the instruments for the

sound to touch our souls. This is true with our food...we need all 3 of

these major food groups in variety, to support our overall recovery

and well-being.

The last 2 important components about The Pro-Recovery Diet are a

healthy happy gut microbiome and personalizing your food. The

health of your gut microbiome is critical for digestion, absorption of

nutrients and optimal brain health. Personalizing your food means

finding the best proteins, fats and complex carbs that work for you!

Some of the ways you can look at that are; The Blood Type Diet,

Ayurveda Dosha Type, Metabolic Type, Allergy Avoidance Diet, and

Intuitive Eating.

The last keys to the pro-recovery diet are to eat 3 meals a day at

regular intervals and quality. Eating 3 meals a day at regular

intervals is a daily commitment to your recovery & health. For some

a snack may be needed as well. The quality of the food is the final

key....choose the highest quality organic clean foods as much as

possible. Eat Clean...Stay Clean is a phrase that carries a lot of

weight in gold and in good health. Choose wisely...your body, brain

and mood will be very grateful you did!

Happy Healthy Recovery,

Pati Reiss AAS President

Health Nutrition Recovery Coach &


Holistic Gourmet Chef

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