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Creating Space for…Nourishment

A warm bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup…a hot lavender bath with candles …a sunset with colors that touch your soul…a nap…pancakes with butter,syrup and all the time in the world to eat them…a child’s laugh…a long hug…music music music!Can you feel it? What nourishes you? Creating space for nourishment…has many healing benefits!!Creating space for my own nourishment has been a theme in my life for the last few years now. It is part of what I like to call my “daily deal”…making time to feed myself…body, mind and soul that is! Without it…I feel less present and stress can quickly begin to creep in and run the show. It also helps with “a flow in my life” that almost seems effortless…and what I always seemed to be pushing towards before. Yes that flow…you know what I am talking about…that slightly blissful peace we often feel on vacation or at a retreat? My friends this is possible in daily life…that retreat feeling of flow and bliss!!! You want to know the secret? Begin small. Create time for one sweet nourishing thing a day, move and EAT WELL! Then watch how things begin to shift just a wee bit at first…then the bliss momentum begins… yum!!! Breathe…and maybe take a nap! In the last 2 months I have cooked for 2 yoga retreats…YUM! It was an opportunity for me to create nourishing food for 4 to 5 days in a nourishing beautiful environment. Even though I cooked…I also created space to nourish myself…resting and connecting with nature that surrounded both of these magnificent spaces. I was creating that blissful flow with my work and my “daily deal”!!! You can do it too!!! Come join Demi and I this New Years to bring in 2012 at a “Nourishing Yoga Food Retreat” in Brian Head, Utah. Let us nourish you and share nourishing tips on creating space for your own personal nourishment in your daily life…YUM! Blessings and Happy Eating…Pati :)

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